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Mexican man demands Bitcoins worth millions of Israeli Shekels.
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Mexican suspected of extorting Israelis nabbed at airport
Suspected extortionist demanded Israeli companies pay him Bitcoins worth millions of shekels on the threat he would publish information he stole from their computer databases.

The police's Lahav cyber unit arrested a 34 year-old Mexican man on Saturday morning at Ben Gurion International Airport for allegedly extorting Israeli companies and demanding Bitcoins worth millions of shekels as ransom.



The investigation of a man extorting Israeli businesses began several months ago in the anonymous Darknet network. It is suspected the man hacked computers from his residence in Mexico and stole internal information from various Israeli businesses.


He later blackmailed the owners of the businesses and demanded they pay him a ransom or he would publish the information, causing the businesses harm.


In order not to publish the information, the man demanded Bitcoins worth millions of shekels. The police began an undercover investigation after receiving a complaint, including going undercover on an anonymous network in order to reach the suspected extortionist.


The man was finally found and the police began tracking him.


The police discovered that the extortionist's wife was expected to arrive in Israel to give birth to their son.


Later, the police learned that the blackmailer would also be arriving in Israel for the birth and when he landed at the airport during the early hours of Saturday, the Police apprehended him and immediately obtained the electronic equipment he was carrying to prevent him from disrupting their investigation.


The suspected blackmailer was brought to remand hearing in Rishon LeZion on Saturday night as the investigation continues.


First published: 11.01.14, 22:45
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