Photo: Mohammed Shinawi
The protestors in Jerusalem on Thursday
Photo: Mohammed Shinawi

E. J'lem women: Willing to be martyrs for al-Aqsa

Dozens protest the ban on women visiting the Mosque; some call for further terror attacks and killing of soldiers.

Dozens of Palestinian women from East Jerusalem protested Thursday near the city's Lions' Gate against the ban on women entering al-Aqsa mosque, calling for the continuation of terror attacks and the killing of soldiers.



"Ready to die as martyrs, we will sacrifice our lives for al-Aqsa," cried the women, and urged Hamas to intervene and rescue, as they said, al-Aqsa from danger. The protestors shouted and said: "From Gaza, Abu Obadia (the spokesperson of Hamas's military wing) will cut you. You are pigs and dogs."


Dozens of women gathered to demonstrate. (Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)
Dozens of women gathered to demonstrate. (Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)


Ayida, an East Jerusalem resident, called for the continuation of terror attacks as a response to the mosque's closure. "I am proud of every person who thinks this way," she said.


"If the situation stays as it is, I am also ready to hurt soldiers without hesitation. We call for Hamas and Abu Obadia to save al-Aqsa and protect it. We believe that Hamas is a strong organization and is the only way we can win in the end."


Photo: Mohammed Shinawi
Photo: Mohammed Shinawi


Faten Diyab of East Jerusalem claimed that the police were humiliating and attacking residents. "I was personally wounded four times," she said. "It's all because we want to enter al-Aqsa Mosque. Where in the world does this happen? They don't respect human rights or animal rights. We will keep struggling, even if they send us to the ends of the Earth, and we say to all the Jews, that they have no Kotel here."


Another demonstrator added: "Every day we are wounded by grenades and tear gas. We are not entering the mosque to confront the police or attack them as they do, but come in to pray. Evidently they fear us, but we do not fear them."


She also noted that "since I was little I have visited here. At first, I wouldn't come to pray, but to play. Today, al-Aqsa Mosque is everything to me. We are willing to become martyrs and die for al-Aqsa. If the Jews continue to say that the Kotel is theirs, then they will escalate the tensions. The mosque is not just for Palestine or residents of East Jerusalem, but for all the world's Muslims."


Photo: Mohammed Shinawi
Photo: Mohammed Shinawi


On Wednesday, a week after the attempted assassination of right-wing activist Yehuda Glick, dozens from the "Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement" arrived at the holy site, but in the background one could hear some sounds of explosions and gunfire.


Security forces entered the square during clashes with the Palestinians, and one of them was wounded. Later, the area was closed to visitors for a while, when a few dozen masked men began throwing stones and firing flares. Forces drove the rioters into the mosque. At least one Palestinian was wounded, and four were arrested.


Photo: Mohammed Shinawi
Photo: Mohammed Shinawi


MK Hanin Zoabi arrived at the entrance of the Temple Mount earlier in the week during a tour with the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, but initially she and her entourage were denied entry to the compound – so she confronted security forces. With the opening of the site to visitors, MK Zoabi and the other participants in the tour were allowed to enter.


Sheik Kamal Khatib, deputy head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, visited the entrance to the mosque on Wednesday evening and warned that any actions by Israel would be reciprocated.


"Continuing to harm al-Aqsa Mosque and giving access to Jews has led to severe anger. If they keep talking about dividing the mosque, the situation will explode not just in Jerusalem, but in the whole region, and in the whole world, and the Palestinian people will not be silent," said Khatib.


Khatib warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his path would lead him to the wrong places. "These days, Netanyahu is thinking about the elections. Apparently, he wants to keep his seat using al-Aqsa Mosque. Hence, I warn him: He is playing with fire."


Khatib called for Israelis to "stop Netanyahu's foolishness," as he called it, and to put an end to the tense atmosphere. "Rabin and Sharon are gone and al-Aqsa Mosque remains. Netanyahu, too, will go and the mosque will remain."


At the Temple Mount, there is a ban on any Jewish markings, Jews who visit the Mount are considered visitors, and upon entry they are told not to pray, bow, etc. – as part of the status quo at the site.



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