Photo: Tal Cohen
Israeli ID card
Photo: Tal Cohen

Israel to issue gay-friendly ID cards for children of same-sex couples

New ID cards of same-sex couples' children will include gender appropriate titles for the parents, with 'Father's name' or 'Mother's name' appearing twice.

Israel is set to launch new ID cards for the children of same-sex couples. The cards will permit both fathers or mothers to be registered as the child's parents – regardless of whether they are the biological parent or not.



Ynet has learned that the Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) will mint the new ID cards by the end of the month and they will have gender appropriate titles for both parents, with 'Father's name' or 'Mother's name' appearing twice instead on once each. Until now, in the case of same-sex parents, both could be registered on the child's ID, as either a 'mother' or 'father'.


Since 2006, in wake of a High Court ruling, the Interior Ministry has allowed the non-registered same-sex parent to adopt their partner's child, but fell short of issuing ID cards which take into account the gender of the adoptive parent.


The decision was taken in wake of a petition filed by the four children of same-sex female couples.


"Each and one of these children were born to a lesbian family being headed by two mothers. Each one of the kids was adopted by the non-biological mother, and were then registered as a child with two mothers," said the request, filed by Michal Eden and Ira Hadar, the lawyers of the four children who petitioned PIBA.


According to Eden, though a mere formality, the move is a serious win in same-sex couples' fight for equality.


"After we lodged the request, the authority said it would accede. As far as we are concerned this is groundbreaking, and ends an ongoing injustice towards the children of gay couples attempting to use governmental services," Eden said.


Head of the Israeli LGTB community, Chen Arieli, lauded the decision, saying "Israel is home to thousands of gay families which aren't registered with the State, and issuing ID cards is another important step in our struggle for equal recognition."


PIBA confirmed the report and said in response that "the authority prepared for such a likelihood in advance, both in terms of documentation and procedures to local branches."


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