Fabius, Kerry: Still long way to go for Iran nuclear deal

PARIS - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and his US counterpart, Secretary of State John Kerry, acknowledged on Thursday there was some way to go to iron out differences with Iran over its nuclear program.


"We want a deal, but important points of difference remain," Fabius said in a joint statement with Kerry in Paris. "We hope that we can reduce those in the coming days, but that will depend on the attitude of the Iranians."


Kerry said he shared Fabius' view and noted the so-called P5+1 group which also includes Britain, China, Germany and Russia, that are
meeting Iranian officials this week in Vienna had a united approach even if there could be "minor differences" between all them.


"On the fundamental principles ... we are in agreement that you have to be able to verify this, there has to be limits, an acceptable level and we are confident of our unity," he told a separate news conference at the US embassy in Paris.


First published: 11.20.14, 16:51