Rivlin: 'Nationality Law' pointless

President Rueven Rivlin said on Tuesday that he saw no point in passing the contentious Nationality Law being promoted by Prime Minister Netanyahu.


"We must ask ourselves seriously, what is the point of the proposed law – Israel: The National State of the Jewish People? Does promoting this law, not in fact, question the success of the Zionist enterprise in which we are fortunate to live?" Rivlin said during the Annual Conference of the State Prosecutor in Eilat on Tuesday evening.


"Friends, the Declaration of Independence – accepted as a basic charter, and meriting of declarative constitutional status by a Supreme Court ruling – emphatically states the Jewish and democratic nature of the State of Israel," said Rivlin.


Rivlin added that "such a hierarchical approach, which places Jewishness before democracy, misses the great significance of the Declaration of Independence, which combined the two elements together – without separating them."


פרסום ראשון: 11.25.14, 20:49