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Terrorist behind last week's stabbing attack in Tel Aviv
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Government's 8-step plan to end terror

New temporary legislation being spearheaded by Likud will allow Israel to take a strong hand against terrorists and their families, as well as stone throwers, those waving an 'enemy flag': from loss of citizenship to deportation.

An 8-step plan to deal with the recent wave of terror and unrest in Israel was put forward by the leader of the Likud's Knesset chairman in the form of temporary legislation Wednesday, and it purportedly will allow Israel to crackdown on terrorists, their families and supporters.



The plan, being spearheaded by MK Yariv Levin, who said he formulated the bill at the behest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will give the police and security establishment the tools it needs to create "real deterrence."


From revoking the citizenship to baring the Palestinian flag in riots, the bill stipulates eight central moves:


  • Israeli Arabs caught engaging or cooperating with terror will automatically lose their citizenship - or Palestinian Authority residency, in the case of Palestinians.


  • After completing their prison term, terrorists will be deported from Israel.


  • Those killed during their attempt to conduct a terror attack will not receive a funeral.


  • The body of terrorists will not be transferred to their families, and will be buried in an unknown location, without ceremony and without future access for their families


  • Terrorists' houses will be destroyed within 24-hours of the attack


  • Masked stone throwers and those inciting for terror and violence participating in illegal protests in which firebombs or fireworks were thrown will be arrested and held in remand until the completion of legal procedures against them. The same measures will be taken against those who waved an 'enemy flag' during the protests, including the Palestinian flag. Anyone convicted at the end of their remand will lose their social welfare benefits and driving license for a 10 year period.


  • Families of terrorists will lose their citizenship and will be deported to Gaza should they express support for their relative's deed. Support, according to the bill, can be expressed through public or social media.


  • The bill also includes a clause that would close businesses and printing presses that print posters that support terror or terrorists.


The bill further stipulates that a business can now request the police to inform them whether anyone of their employers has ever been held in relation to a security related offence and give them the right to fire such an employee.


The article could serve a major economic blow to many Israeli Arabs, already struggling to find work in an increasingly hostile environment.


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