The quintessential Jewish sitcom. 'Seinfeld'

Introducing 'Seinfeld' in Yiddish

Vimeo user posts clips from iconic television sitcom dubbed in historical language of Ashkenazi Jews.

There is no doubting that "Seinfeld" is the quintessential Jewish sitcom, although "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is a close second.



This, of course, can be attested to both those shows' creator, Larry David, a self-proclaimed "Big Jew," who often used jokes about his religion and heritage as the centerpiece of many of his shows plots, both in "Seinfeld" and "Curb."



While "Seinfeld" has an immensely bigger following – it is, after all, the most popular TV show ever created – its Jewish-centric episodes are simply classic, from "The Bris" to "The Yada Yada."



Jewish viewers have probably wondered how "Seinfeld" would sound in Yiddish, simply because most of its characters, and the actors who portray them, are Ashkenazi Jews.


I'm sure Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander's grandparents would have been interested in hearing the show in a language more familiar to them.



Well, it's now possible. A Vimeo user named A Mishel has posted a series of Seinfeld clips dubbed – you guessed it – in Yiddish.


Naturally, Mishel chose the more Jewish-centric episodes to start, including "The Bar Mitzvah," "The Bris" and "The Dentist."  


While many have labeled Yiddish as a dead language, with a little less than two million people currently able to understand it, there has been a revival of the language as of late, for those Jews trying to keep it alive.


And now there's yet another reason to go out and learn it.


Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life .


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