Photo: Yaffa Iron-Kutz
Coffins of victims
Photo: Yaffa Iron-Kutz

Bodies of Paris kosher mart victims arrive in Israel

Ahead of state funeral for four Jews killed in Hyper Cacher, store's owner says he will sell business and make aliyah to Israel.

The flight carrying the bodies of the four Jews murdered in a Paris kosher market arrived in Israel early Tuesday morning, bringing Yoav Hattab, Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham, and Francois-Michel Saada to rest in Israel.



Magen David Adom ambulances arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport to collect the coffins.


The state funeral will be held Tuesday at noon in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem. The funeral procession will be accompanied by ambulances, jeeps, ER cruisers, motorcycles, and a mobile command center – all donated by French Jews.


Coffins of four Paris kosher mart victims (Photo: EPA)
Coffins of four Paris kosher mart victims (Photo: EPA)


The convoy includes a medical crew, with a psychiatrist and two volunteer medics from Magen David Admon's international unit, who have been accompanying the families of the deceased, including the fiancé of Yohan Cohen, from takeoff in Paris throughout the funeral.


Coffins of Paris market victims    (קרדיט: יפה עירון קוץ )

Coffins of Paris market victims


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President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Opposition Chairman Isaac Herzog will take part in the ceremony, as will other ministers, members of Knesset, rabbis, and the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy Ségolène Royal.


Israel police has prepared to block certain roadways leading to the cemetery ahead of the funeral. Entry to the compound will be possible through busses leaving a nearby parking structure. Parking will be free of charge and shuttles will be provided to and from the cemetery.


Meanwhile, French authorities said Monday that as many as six members of a terrorist cell involved in the Paris attacks may still be at large, including a man who was seen driving a car registered to the widow of one of the gunmen.


Two police officials told The Associated Press that authorities were searching the Paris area for the Mini Cooper registered to Hayat Boumeddiene, Coulibaly's widow. Turkish officials say she is now in Syria.


Hyper Cacher owner: I had a miracle

The morning after the mass march in Paris, which according to estimates brought three million people together, members of the Jewish community in the French capital have started the difficult road to recovery.


The Jewish institutions in the country, however, remain closed – including synagogues, kosher restaurants, and Jewish schools. Due to a police order, security guards have been stationed around the offices of the city's Jewish community.


Yoel Walid, brother of Hyper Cacher owner
Yoel Walid, brother of Hyper Cacher owner


One of those trying to return to his routine is the owner of the Hyper Cacher, Patrice Walid. "It was a massive miracle. I plan to sell the business and make aliyah to Israel."


"I cannot return to work. I am still in shock, I cannot digest that my employee and three other customers were murdered," said the owner to the friends at his bedside in a Paris hospital.


Walid was shot in his shoulder during the terror attack on his store and his condition, according to family members, has been improving steadily. "I had a miracle and I thank God," he said. "A few more centimeters and the bullet would have penetrated my heart. I want to sell the business and make aliyah to Israel."


His brother, Yoel, was also at kosher supermarket at the time of the shooting; he had already made aliyah to Israel and was in France for a life-altering vacation. "I have no complaints of the police, it operated professionally and did everything they had to do," said Yoel.


"They entered with determination, as you should during war. This war is not only in France, it is a war on terror. For us, the Jews in France, this is the beginning of 'balagan' ('mess' in Hebrew); we do not know what the future holds."


Walid said he believed some ten thousands French Jews will make aliyah this year. "When there are attacks, it is best for Jews to be in the State of Israel – there is no place like Israel." 


Simcha Felber, a World Zionist Organization delegate to France, said that since the attack there has been increased interest in aliyah to Israel, and the Jewish Agency will reassess the situation. "Only in two-three weeks will we know if it’s a change in the wind or substantive intentions." 


The Associated Press, Roi Yanovsky and Yaron Kelner contributed to this report.


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