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Former employee's testimonies detail Sara Netanyahu's drunken rages

Workers claim they were verbally abused by Sara Netanyahu 'especially after she drank large amounts of alcohol which she forced us to bring her on a daily basis.'

New testimony by disgruntled former employees of the Prime Minister's Office painted a dark picture of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara's personal life, it was revealed Sunday.



Guy Eliyahu and Meni Naftali claim their rights as workers were abused during the time they were employed at the official Prime Minister's Residence. They also claim that Netanyahu's wife Sara verbally abused them.


Benjamin and Sara Netnayahu (R) / Meni Naftali (L) (Photo: Yuval Hen, AP)
Benjamin and Sara Netnayahu (R) / Meni Naftali (L) (Photo: Yuval Hen, AP)


A document released the testimony of Eliyahu and Naftali given to the Jerusalem Labor Court and exposed new details regarding Sara Netanyahu's previously alleged bad temper.


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Eliyahu described Sara's fits of rage and said there was an atmosphere of fear among him and his coworkers "especially after she (Sara) had a significant amount of alcohol to drink, that other workers and I brought to her room on a daily basis."


Eliyahu claims that over 20 workers quit during his time at the Prime Minister's residence.


In another incident reported in the testimony, Sara Netanyahu fumed at the workers for opening a canopy over their patio for a brunch, despite the fact they did so at the request of the prime minister. According to the testimony, the prime minister's wife was upset because dust from the canopy had fallen onto the table and silverware.


According to the testimony, Netanyahu and his sons tried to calm her anger, but to no avail: "Enraged, the prime minister's wife took hold of the table cloth and pulled it towards her, with all the food and silverware still on the table. She then forced me to set up the table again and clean up the mess."


Eliyahu also vouched for Naftali, saying he witnessed a number of incidents of which he complained. "As a worker in the residence I was witness to improper behavior by Sara Netanyahu towards Naftali, including her shouting and degrading him. I was constantly hassled myself. For example – Sara asked me to bring her food late at night and when I would arrive she would blast me for causing her to gain weight."


In response, the Prime Minister's Office said "this is nothing but pathetic gossip-mongering intent on sullying the (prime minister) and extracting money illegally from the PMO."


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