Hearing the TV through your smartphone

A new Israeli gadget allows users to quietly watch TV when they need to, without interrupting other members of the household.

Connecting your headphones to the television is a complicated business: Their wire is not long enough to allow for comfortable watching, and they don't allow for more than one person at a time to listen to the TV without disturbing others.



A new Israeli gadget called KIQ (Keep It Quiet) connects to the TV screen and allows anyone in the house to listen to the TV using their smartphones.


Wireless headphones, the KIQ developers say, can't solve the problem and have issues of their own. Even if you can afford the high price of quality wireless headphones, you need to consider the fact they need to be charged daily.




Young developers Evgeny Hazanovich and Ronen Dvir invented KIQ - a transmitter that connects to the audio port of your TV, computer, tablet and stereo, among others, and transmits quality sound directly to our smartphones.


According to the developers, there's no limit to how many people can connect to the transmitter. Each user can listen to the broadcast directly from their smartphones (using regular or Bluetooth earphones).


"Yes, you can finally invite all the guys over to watch a soccer game while the kids are asleep," the developers write.


The device also allows for conversation between the different people listening to the broadcast by lowering the volume automatically, and the ability to control the volume could help those with hearing difficulties.


The two developers recently launched an Indiegogo campaign in an attempt to raise enough funds to continue developing the KIQ. The aim is to raise $40,000 by March 7. One KIQ costs $29, and it's cheaper to buy several units.


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