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Using sign language, ISIS appeals to the deaf

New video shows deaf jihadists urging Muslims of Europe to join group and vowing to slaughter West and leaders of its Arab allies.

The Islamic State released a new recruitment video over the weekend in an attempt to court a new group – the deaf. The video shows two militants from the organization's ranks – both deaf themselves – addressing the audience in sign language.



The video was made in the city of Mosul, the largest city in Iraq to be captured by the organization. One of the armed men in the video threatens to kill all enemies of the group. He calls on the Muslims of Europe to join, saying "the way is open for you to come to the land of the Khilafa, and the Islamic State is expanding.



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"And we say to America, Britain, Italy, and France, who have frantically mobilized against the Muslims, and we say to the rulers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, who have allied with them – indeed, the Messenger said, 'We have only come to you with slaughter.' And we will surely come and slaughter you, by Allah's permission."


He adds that the alliance between these nations and the coalition bombings against IS will not stop its advance, and that every fighter that is killed will be replaced by others."


The other man in the video says he works in the traffic police in the Islamic State with his brother, who will take his place after he completes his "duties".


The video then shows the jihadists working as traffic policemen, and then launching two rockets they say are aimed at Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.


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