Photo: Avi Rokah
Polling station in Ashdod.
Photo: Avi Rokah

Likud wins big across Israel, while Zionist Union makes massive gains on Gaza border

Joint List is unsurprising victor in Arab towns, and threat of widespread dismissals does not change pro-Likud trend in south.

With 99 percent of the vote counted in Israel’s elections, it appears that the Likud’s greatest achievement was in Jerusalem, but less so in Tel Aviv and Haifa.



In the capital, Likud won 24.16% of the vote, United Torah Judaism got 12.05% and the Zionist Union just 8.39%. In Tel Aviv, however, Zionist Union won 34.25%, followed by Likud with 18.26% and Meretz with 12.95%. In Haifa, the Zionist Union led the way with 25.28% of the vote, then Likud with 20.74% and Yesh Atid with 11.25%.


In the south, the ongoing threats of mass dismissals were no barrier to a great success by Netanyahu and the Likud. In Be’er Sheva, Likud won 37.69% of the vote while the Zionist Union pulled in just 12.24%. Sderot saw another great victory for the Likud, with 42.85% of the vote, compared to just 11.84% for the Zionist Union.


There was a similar story in Dimona, where the Likud won 41.06% of the vote, with Shas coming second with 12.36%. In Ashdod, the Likud got 31.34% and in Ashkelon 40%. In Eilat, Likud scored 35.21%, compared to 17% for the Zionist Union, and in Arad, 22.48% voted for Likud and just 15.22% for Zionist Union.



In the north too, the results pointed to a massive win for Likud. In Kiryat Shmona, Netanyahu’s party pulled in 38.87% of the vote, with Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu coming second with 16.08%.


In Nahariya, the results gave Likud 34.63% and 16.79% to the Zionist Union. Likud also came first in Safed, with 28.52%, and while Eli Yishai’s Yachad party did not pass the threshold, the city put it in second place with 16.13%. In Afula, Likud won 44.22% of the vote compared to 11.05% for Zionist Union.



In Kiryat Ata, Likud was victorious with 35.43% of the vote, compared to 14.70% for the Zionist camp. The results were closer in Kiryat Bialik, which saw 29.49% vote Likud, compared to 25.15% for Zionist Union. In Nazareth Illit, Likud came first with 27.38% of the vote compared to 21.32% for Yisrael Beytenu.


Meretz comes second

The Joint List, as expected, saw great success in Arab towns. In Nazareth, for example, it received 92.23% of the vote compared to 2.68% for the Zionist Union. In Taybeh, the Joint List won 95.62% of the vote, with Meretz coming in second with 1.69%. Umm al-Fahm voters gave the Joint List 95% and second place went to the Economy Party, with a surprising 2% of the vote.


The cities of central and Sharon regions also saw a strong pro-Likud trend. In Hadera, Khalon’s hometown, gave him just 15.75% of the vote, while Likud came first with 32.16% and the Zionist Union came second with 15.86%. In Netanya, 33.54% picked the Likud, compared to 13.82% for the Zionist Union. In Bat Yam, the Likud won 33.34% and Zionist Union 14.61%. The Likud was also victorious in nearby Holon, pulling in 31.7% compared to 20.16% for the Zionist Union.


The Zionist Union saw more encouraging results in other areas of the center, such as Ramat Gan, where the party received 31.15% of the vote compared to 22.96% for the Likud. In Givatayim too, the Zionist Union came first with 40.39% of the vote, and the Likud in second place with 16.83%.


The trend continued in Herzliya, where the Zionist Union won 34.45% compared to 21.88% for the Likud. The party also came first in Ramat Hasharon, where it pulled in 44.18%, compared to 15.86% for the Likud. The Zionist Union also recorded a victory in Ra'anana, with 32.95% and 21.45% for the Likud.


The count in Ramla, however, showed the Likud winning 39.81% of the vote, and the Joint List winning 14.92%. Lod also recorded a Likud victory with 32.77% of the vote, while the Arab List won 16.15%.


But in the areas bordering Gaza, barely six months after Operation Protective Edge, Zionist Union won the most votes. In Kibbutz Nahal Oz in the western Negev, 56.75% voted for the Zionist Union, while Yesh Atid pulled in 16.22%.



On Kibbutz Nirim, Zionist Union was also victorious, with 52.14% of the vote, while Meretz won 35.36%. At Kibbutz Be’eri, home to Yesh Atid candidate Haim Yellin, 66.42% voted for Zionist Union and 16.34% voted Meretz.


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