Malachi Rosenfeld

Terror victim Malachi Rosenfeld laid to rest

Thousands mourn the man shot dead while driving back from a basketball game.

Thousands were present at the burial on Wednesday of Malachi Rosenfeld, who was shot in a terror attack on Monday and passed away the following day. He leaves behind his parents, Eliezer and Sarah, and seven bothers. His older brother Yitzhak (Menachem), an IAF pilot, died in 2002 during a trip.



"Malachi – I started playing when God took your uncle, Yitzhak," said Malachi's father, Eliezer. "After 22 years he took my sweet Yitzhak, a second act, and then I started to sing.


"To stand every evening on a stage and play out of a fire in my heart, to be happy and make people happy. And now we arrive at the third act. What, God Almighty? Did we not sing well enough? What did we do wrong?"


Eliezer Rosenfeld at his son's funeral (Photo: Ido Erez)
Eliezer Rosenfeld at his son's funeral (Photo: Ido Erez)


Itayel Ohana, Rosenfeld's friend, eulogized him: "You never had a spare minute. You spent every moment supporting, listening, and giving advice to everyone. You never had time for yourself. I won't have anyone to talk to now. I won't have a good friend… I can't believe it and can't comprehend that I'm talking about him in the past tense."


Education Minister Naftali Bennett was also present at the funeral, who noted that Rosenfeld and his friends had been returning from a basketball game. "In basketball rivals play on the same field and with the same rules," he said.


"Our enemies also live on the same field and same earth, but they don't have the same rules. We play with moral, Jewish rules and they act like human animals.


"We endanger our lives in order to prevent hurting the innocent, while our enemy endangers his life in order to hurt the innocent. Our enemy is not like us, he is not part of the family of nations.


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