Review: Italian mystery show dazzles Israel

'ElectriCity' combines technology and effects with classical dance creating a show not of this world - is it Black Light Theater, visual illusions, or acrobatic dance?

How are they doing that?


I must have asked myself the question more than a dozen times during "ElectriCity," a show from the Italian group "eVolution," who recently performed in Israel for the first time.



The show was a unique and modern mix of Black Light Theater, visual illusions and acrobatic dance that left even my 12-year-old daughter whispering "amazing" in the dark - and she wasn't alone.





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We felt that the audience wasn't allowed to rest for even one moment and we were continuously surprised with some new effect that played with our minds: Was that a light trick, a dancer or maybe video art? It was all very dynamic and I kept my eyelids peeled for fear of missing something.


Without a doubt, we can all say that choreographer Anthony Hainel's "ElectriCity" is a highly creative dance theater performance appropriate for all, even children who aren't typically fans of dance.


Dancers or lights?
Dancers or lights?

The combination of the performer's movements, video art, visual illusions and lighting and special effects create an interesting and intriguing performance.  



Eight dancers performed on the stage with truly exceptional abilities. These were acrobatic dancers, combining classical dance techniques into the routine and as a viewer you find yourself sinking into an animated image that's somehow performed by these real, live dancers. You hardly see the performers throughout the show, as the biggest stars are the impressive effects.


And the show couldn't be properly reviewed without mentioning the varied music that naturally mixed with the pace of the show. The accompanying soundtrack, beginning with 70's rock (Led Zeppelin, Santana, David Bowie), to the works of the newer (Goldraf, Radiohead, Lamb), allows viewers to disconnect from reality and assimilate into an imaginary world.


Ticket prices range from NIS 129-239, and shows will continue on Friday (September 2) in Tel Aviv's famous Opera House, Saturday in Kiryat Haim, Sunday in Ashdod, and Tuesday in Be'er Sheva.


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