9 police wounded, Palestinian killed in heavy clashes in Shuafat

Security forces enter refugee camp to search home of terrorist, but encounter thousands of rioters throwing firebombs and improvised explosives.

A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed in clashes which broke out Thursday afternoon in the Shuafat refugee camp between Security forces and masked Palestinian youths.



The youths were attempted to prevent the security forces from entering the camp in order to conduct a search at the home of the terrorist from this morning's stabbing attack in Jerusalem. The youths threw firebombs and improvised explosives at the security forces.


Burning cars in Shuafat
Burning cars in Shuafat


 Palestinian casualty taken from the scene
Palestinian casualty taken from the scene


In a separate incident, a Palestinian was moderately wounded by stones thrown at the Palestinian communications minister next to Nablus. Security forces suspect that Jews in a passing vehicle were responsible.


Meanwhile, hundreds demonstrated in Nazareth. Protesters shouted slogans such as "the Israeli government is a terrorist government", "we will sacrifice our lives for al-Aqsa Mosque". Among the demonstrators were MKs Hanin Zoabi, Basel Ghattas and Ayman Odeh, all of the Joint List.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke in Ramallah earlier in the day, saying that, "Despite what is happening around us, we remain steadfast in our homeland, we are committed to its success, and believe that this land is our homeland and we will never abandon it for anyone. We are not attacking anyone and we don’t want others to attack us.


"We also don’t want them to enter the holy al-Aqsa mosque," added Abbas. "We hold the hands of our brothers who are protecting al-Aqsa. But we are suffering in order to defend it, We call upon the Israeli government- Stay away from our holy places. Our hands our still extended in peace despite our suffering."




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