Photo: Balad Spokesman
Photo: Balad
Photo: Balad Spokesman

Arab MK defies ban: Visits Temple Mount

MK Basel Ghattas published a clip from the compound in which he derides Netanyahu, saying 'you or your government have no sovereignty over Jerusalem or Al-Aqsa.'

MK Basel Ghattas (Joint List) paid a visit to the Temple Mount on Wednesday, in spite of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent instructions which ban MKs, both Jewish and Arab, from visiting the site.



"I am here in order to tell Netanyahu that he has no sovereignty over Jerusalem or Al-Aqsa," the MK said in the clip, "You (Netanyahu) and the occupation are doomed to failure."


The MK added, "You (Netanyahu) and you people don’t control this place, and you will not keep our people from fulfilling their rights to pray and visit at Al-Aqsa. This holy place will remain an Islamic holy site forever."


The clip

The clip


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Ghattas told ynet that, "When I entered the mosque compound at 7:30 AM I saw Jews singing 'Am Israel Chai,' while the police watched from the side."


"This is a de-facto change and violation of the status-quo. It is my basic and elementary right to visit Al Aqsa. We strongly reject Netanyahu's decision to prevent us from entering Al Aqsa. The occupation regime does not entitle Netanyahu or his government sovereignty over the mosque or the occupied territories in general," the MK concluded.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to Ghattas' clip at the Knesset on Wednesday, saying that the "Temple Mount has been quiet for two weeks now. We are making every effort to maintain this quiet, but it seems that someone is disturbed by this. MK Ghattas visited the Temple Mount, and Al-Aqsa Mosque. I assure you he did not do it to pray, he did it solely for the purpose of provocation, only to inflame the situation.


“As per my general guideline, the police distanced him from the site. I will not let any MK escalate the situation the Temple Mount, and I call on all members of the Knesset and public figures in general to act responsibly, especially during this period of time.”


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