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Israeli satellite loses communication
Satellite's operator , Spacecom, says it lost contact with the satellite on Saturday morning and has been unable to reconnect with it since.

Israeli company Spacecom reported on Saturday morning that it had lost contact with its Israeli built Amos 5 satellite at around 6:45am. The satellite provides communications and internet services to its clients.



The company stated that it was attempting to reestablish contact with the satellite but said that attempts so far unsuccessful. As the hours pass, the chances of reestablishing contact with the satellite grow dimmer.


The Amos 5 during its launch


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Spacecom stated that the Israeli satellite primarily provides services to the African continent and a small number of Israeli customers.


A statement sent to the Tel Aviv stock exchange said the company would freeze services to its customers as a result of the disconnect. According to the company, "At this point, the company does not have any information on the nature of the problem that caused the communication failure. The company has been unable to reestablish contact with the satellite."


The Amos 5 on the launch pad in Kazakhstan
The Amos 5 on the launch pad in Kazakhstan


The statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange added that the satellite was insured for $158 million. The company clarified that even if the satellite was to experience a total failure, the effects on the company's value would be minimal.








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