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Serious development reported in major Jewish terrorism case

Not much can be said regarding the major development in the recent case involving Jewish terrorism, but the evidence gathered was sufficient to issue a gag order over details of the case.

A serious development has been reported the large scale investigation of one of the most serious acts of Jewish terrorism to take place in recent years.



There are only two things that can be said about the development: It has led the Shin Bet, security establishment, and police to an optimistic outlook regarding solving the crime, and the likelihood of submitting an indictment to prosecute those responsible.


The second is that police have filed for and received a gag order to cover all details of the investigation. As such there is not much that can be said of the development at this point.


A relative of the family hurt by the Jewish terror acts told Ynet he received no updates from Israeli authorities about a development in the investigation.


"When it's Jewish terrorists, the defense establishment works slowly," the relative said angrily. "But when it's Palestinian terrorists, they capture them within two days and bring them to justice. I want to believe the defense establishment brings to justice the criminals who ruined my life and that of my family's."


'I don't cooperate with those fighting against Jews'

The development is even more significant due to the fact that few acts of Jewish terrorism are ever solved, in light of increased efforts by the security establishment to attain sufficient evidence to built indictments against individuals for attacks against Palestinians.


There is difficulty in bringing Jewish perpetrators of terror attacks against Palestinians to justice, as attested to by comments made by a Jewish teenager who was arrested in the past on suspicion of involvement in such an attack.


"I don't cooperate with people who fight against the Jewish people and the land of Israel, people who are the representatives of the foreign rule in our country," the teenager said at the time.


He was arrested with six others on suspicion they set fire to Arab homes in the West Bank. "During questioning, the interrogator tried to trick me by telling me my friends had already talked. But I didn't cooperate with the interrogators," he said.


"We are slaves only to God. No one can scare us - not the Shin Bet, nor any other institution in Israel. We'll continue to work for the formation of a Jewish state and the construction of the Temple," the teenage, who is now 17, said at the time.


Attorney Ariel Atari, who represents Jewish terror suspects, expressed doubt any indictments will come out of this development, saying police in the past claimed to have sufficient evidence in cases, but it later transpired that was not the case.


Atari said he advises his clients "to either remain silent during questioning, or tell the truth, based on the case. I explain to them that insisting on their rights is essential to help the truth come to light and to prevent situations in which suspects give false versions of incidents that never happened."


Meanwhile, over 4,000 Israelis signed a petition calling to prosecute the murderers of the Dawabsheh family.


"Defense Minister Ya'alon said several times that the defense establishment knows the identity of the murderers - but for different reasons they were not prosecuted," the petition says. "We cannot stand by while the killers of an Arab family live among us and are not made to face justice. This is a discrimination between one kind of blood and another, it is a message that the killing of innocent Arabs is allowed."



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