The attack caught on CCTV
Nahariya stabbing of Border Policeman: Not nationalistically motivated
16-year-old Israeli Arab charged with attempted murder, but indictment points to bad mental state over death of friend as reason behind the stabbing.

The stabbing of a Border Policeman in Nahariya a few weeks ago is being viewed as a criminal attack, rather than a nationalistically motivated one, according to an indictment filed on Wednesday against the perpetrator.



The 16-year-old Israeli Arab teen from Abu Snan was charged at the Juvenile District Court in Haifa with attempted murder and unlawful possession of a knife.


The indictment stated he was in a bad mental state in light of the death of his friend a month and a half prior, and that is what drove him to the attack.


The attack captured by security cameras

The attack captured by security cameras


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According to the indictment, the defendant arrived in Nahariya's central bus terminal on November 27 at around 6:30pm, with a knife he hid in his coat pocket.


At the bus terminal, the teen spotted a 37-years-old Border Policeman who was in uniform and armed. "The teenager waited until the policeman walked by him and then drew the knife out of his coat pocket, jumped the policeman from behind, and stabbed him with the intention of killing him at least three times in his upper back and head," the indictment stated.


The policeman fought off the teenager and was able to restrain him with the help of a passerby, but the teen was able to escape the policeman's grasp and tried to stab him again in his upper body.


The Border Policeman then hit the teenager in the head with his weapon in self defense, and the teen fled the scene. He was arrested about two hours later.


The policeman, a Christian from the Arab town of Fassuta, sustained stab wounds near his spine, on his upper back, in his neck, and head.


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