Price tag in Beitillu

Knesset Transparency C'tee: Gov't unknowingly funding 'price tag' activities

Funds transferred by different ministries to Samaria and Binyamin local councils used to fund NGOs encouraging Jewish terror activities against IDF soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians, says c'tee chairwoman Shaffir.

The Knesset's Transparency Committee has received documents and testimony that indicate different government ministries have been unwittingly funding groups that undermine the State of Israel by encouraging "price tag" attacks and illegal outposts.



"It's awful to find out that while we've been paying taxes so the state can provide us with quality of life, millions of shekels from our money are being transferred to support activities that most of the citizens of Israel would not be willing to fund, including activity against the state itself and the rule of law," said committee chairwoman MK Stav Shaffir (Zionist Union).


"The funds reached NGOs that encourage the twisted idea of 'price tag' attacks from the Agriculture, Education and Welfare Ministries, and the Authority for National-Civic Service," Shaffir continued.


MK Stav Shaffir. (Photo: George Ginsburg)
MK Stav Shaffir. (Photo: George Ginsburg)


"The indirect support of Jewish terror activities against the IDF, the citizens of Israel, and Palestinians, using public funds that belong to all of us - is an outrage. Government ministers condemn the 'price tag' violence, but at the same time embrace (the perpetrators) with budgets and support. The government is simply undermining itself," she added.


For example, the documents obtained by the committee show that the Interior Ministry transferred millions of shekels of taxpayer money earmarked for the Samaria and Binyamin local councils.


The local councils in turn used these funds to establish the Samaria Settlers Committee and the Binyamin Settlers Committee.


These NGOs encourage activity meant disrupt the work of security forces coming to evacuate illegal structures and outposts.


The Binyamin Settlers Committee received some NIS 3.5 million from its local council, while the Samaria Settlers Committee received some NIS 1 million a year from its own council.


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