WATCH: Saudi TV parody of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah

Satirical sketch on Saudi channel MBC causes uproar among the terrorist group's supporters, who took to the streets to protest by burning tires and blocking roads.

A derisive satire of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, which aired on the Saudi-owned chanel MBC in Lebanon, has caused an uproar among the terrorist organization's supporters at a time of extreme tension between both countries.



In light of the increasing tensions surrounding the civil wars in Yemen and Syria, the Saudi royal family decided two weeks ago to freeze its military aid to Lebanon for fear that the money will get into Hezbollah's hands.


Meanwhile, a sketch on the comedy program WiFi showed Nasrallah giving one of his speeches, and claiming "We are independent. And to those who say that Iran tells us what to do, Iran doesn't tell us to do anything. Sometimes were are aided by their opinions." While saying this he kisses Iran's hand several times and asks: "Is it alright like that?"


"Nasrallah" then adds: "America and Israel are the big Satan. There's nothing else to be said. They are the big Satan. We don't intervene in anyone's business. We are in favor of democracy and the blessed intifadas, and support the resistance in the Arab homeland from the east to the west."


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah being lampooned

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah being lampooned


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Much like previous attempt to mock Nasrallah, his supporters did not find it very funny. Social networks were flooded with the hashtag "We will burn them for you, oh Said (Nasrallah)". They also organized a motorcycle procession in a southern suburb of Beirut to protest the parody.


Protesters burned tires and blocked roads in some areas of Lebanon, such as Dahiyeh, Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley. Lebanese security forces and the army had to open the roads to prevent a further escalation of the situation, and Lebanese troops were also sent to guard the Saudi channel's studios.


Demonstration in Lebanon against the Nasrallah parody
Demonstration in Lebanon against the Nasrallah parody


Nasrallah's son, Jawad, commented on the parody saying: "As for the despicable clip, I have a few words: Do not get mad and do not be sad. These people are descendants of those who told the Prophet he was an insane teacher and who cursed the leader of the believers (the Caliph – ed)".


This is not the first time a Nasrallah parody causes unrest in Lebanon. In 2013, a parody aired by LBC channel, which is affiliated with Sa'as Al-Hariri's camp, who is opposed to Hezbollah.




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