Photo:Niv Cantor
Michael Dell
Photo:Niv Cantor

'Israel is the center of the digital future'

At the Dell Future Ready conference held in Tel Aviv, Dell CEO Michael Dell stated that Israel is the world leader of the new digital age; touches on Dell and Israeli company EMC partnership.

With a big "Shalom aleichem" ('peace be unto you' in Hebrew), Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell opened the Dell Future Ready Conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday.



Dell, a Jew and known supporter of Israel, started the conference by describing his excitement for the new digital age with Israel at its heart: "Israel's performance has inspired the entire world, and it's important for us to be in Israel. Technology here improves by about 10 times every five years."


CEO of Dell, Michael Dell (Photo:Niv Cantor)
CEO of Dell, Michael Dell (Photo:Niv Cantor)


He continued, "In fifteen years, more than half of the cars on the road will soon be driverless, and thousands of other incredible innovations that we can't even conceive will be created...There will be changes in every sector of life: in agriculture, energy, medical technology, and more…By 2021, the number of connected devices will be tens of billions, and the challenge will be how to connect this amount of information to the analytics, and turn it into something. This is the new industrial revolution."



Dell went on to touch upon their partnership with Israeli tech company EMC, saying that both are "complementary and innovative and are designed to streamline the process towards the digital future. The innovative technologies that we are a part of will help to cure diseases...and help create new jobs. These are exciting times."


Regarding Israel, Dell said, "The quality of (Israeli) talent is known all over the world…Today, I visited the offices of EMC and Dell in Herzliya, and I was excited to see the new developments."

CEO of Dell, Michael Dell (Photo:Niv Cantor)
CEO of Dell, Michael Dell (Photo:Niv Cantor)


At the end of his speech, Dell said "By next summer, the company will be called Dell-EMC . The joint company is intended to launch 10–15 new products."


When asked if Dell would go back to producing smartphones, he said no. However, he did expand upon his belief that the personal computer will not be replaced by smartphones, saying that they are "devices which complement one another." Dell also added that the company's market share in personal computers has gone up for the 14th quarter in a row, and therefore, he isn't worried about the downward trend in PC sales.


Dell further went on to talk about the dangerous nature of the digital future, and said that Dell is investing huge amounts of resources in development and acquisition of various companies to ensure that the digital future will suffer as little as possible from cyber threats.


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