Nasrallah: Lieberman is crazy

On 'Day of Resistance and Freedom,' Nasrallah makes a speech from his underground bunker, repeatedly threatening Israel, calling Arab world's turn against him an 'international conspiracy'

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah spoke about Avigdor Lieberman becoming the Israeli defense minister in a speech on Wednesday night.



Nasrallah gave the speech while hiding in his bunker but had the speech broadcasted on giant screens in villages in Lebanon's Beqaa valley. The speech was on given on the occasion of the "Day of Resistance and Freedom," marking 16 years since the IDF evacuated south Lebanon. Nasrallah also spoke about changes in the region.


"In occupied Palestine, the crazy and coarse Lieberman has been made war minister by Netanyahu the extremist. I don't want to interpret what that could mean," Nasrallah said.



Nasrallah giving the speech from his bunker
Nasrallah giving the speech from his bunker


Nasrallah then said "today we remember that Israel is the real and main enemy. Israel covets everything good we have here, our land and our holy places. Israel is the biggest enemy which stalks us and Palestine. There are those today who want to make Israel a friend, or even an ally."


Screens where the speech was broadcasted
Screens where the speech was broadcasted


He continued, "The only way to stop the aggression and remove the occupation is by complete resistance. Our nation has been doing this and succeeded both in 2000 and in 2006 using the military, the nation, and the resistance. This all creates a powerful force when the other Arab nations refuse to help us due to the international conspiracy."


Nasrallah also said, "We are insistent that this day be remembered as part of our history, part of our culture, part of our morals, and part of our strength now and in the future."


Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon
Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon


He then compared the Israeli withdrawal with the 70th anniversary of victory over the Nazis. "This is how nations celebrate their victories and inculcates them in their hearts," Nasrallah said.


The Hezbollah leader then called on the Palestinians, saying "Beware of those who take advantage of the confusion and lack of clarity in the current struggle. These are the ones who want to turn Israel into a friend and ally…Do not rely on those who have abandoned you for the past 70 years…The resistance will succeed and Palestine will return to be the real struggle in the region. This day will soon come god willing."



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