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Member of the Hamas Politburo Mahmoud Al-Zahar
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Hamas: Abbas to blame for no reconciliation

Al-Zahar says Abbas will not agree to a reconciliation agreement that includes elections because he knows he will lose; Fatah spokesperson calls on Al-Zahar to stop his 'recklessness' that is harming the Palestinian people and cause.

Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a member of the Hamas Politburo, indicated that Fatah and Hamas will unlikely reach a reconciliation agreement in the coming weeks. Al-Zahar told Donya Al-Watan, a Palestinian news outlet, "Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) does not want reconciliation" on Saturday night.



Al-Zahar argued that Hamas and Fatah have failed to reach an agreement because the latter has refused to implement previous reconciliation agreements. He said that the Beach Agreement, signed in April 2014, requires the government to hold legislative elections, but "Abu Mazen doesn't want them because he will lose them."


Al-Zahar added that differences on security coordination have also complicated talks with Fatah: "We agreed with Egypt that Israel is the enemy, and Abu Mazen says that security cooperation with Israel is holy."


Member of the Hamas Politburo Mahmoud Al-Zahar (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
Member of the Hamas Politburo Mahmoud Al-Zahar (Photo: Reuters)


Hamas has increased its criticism of the Palestinian Authority since the beginning of the recent round of violence for its security cooperation with Israel. For its part, the PA has continued security cooperation, despite multiple threats to end it.


Al-Zahar also issued a harsh critique of the French Initiative: "The French Initiative is like any other initiative, negotiations for the sake of negotiations and without results. We have rejected the principle of negotiations."


In a separate context, Al-Zahar revealed that the Hamas Politburo will hold elections at the end of this year. He said heard during his most recent trip to Doha that current chairman of the Hamas Politburo Khaled Mesha'al does not intend to run for another term as chairman.


Fatah Spokesperson Osama Qawasmeh responded to Al-Zahar's statements on Sunday morning: "In light of the Arab efforts to end the black coup wherein Hamas exploited Palestinian blood, divided the homeland, and did terrible things to our people and the Palestinian issue, we hope that Al-Zahar and those similar to him will stop this recklessness.


"We, in Fatah, will not lower ourselves to that level of statements that do not seek to do anything, but ensure the continuation of the coup and strengthen the division that Israel has created."


Saudi and other Arab leaders had stated this week that Hamas and Fatah may sign a reconciliation agreement before the conclusion of Ramadan. Moreover, the Hamas-affiliated Al-Risalah reported that Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mesha'al will meet next week in Doha.



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