Yishai Schlissel

Gay Pride Parade killer receives life in prison

After stabbing a teenage girl to death in Jerusalem's Pride Parade last year, just two months after completing a ten-year prison sentence for a similar offence, Yishai Schissel sentenced to a total of 51 years behind bars: 'His dark zealotry stops him seeing people as people,' judge says.

Yishai Schlissel, who stabbed Shira Banki to death at the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem in July last year, was sentenced on Sunday morning to 31 years in prison. He was given an additional 25 years for the attempted murder of six people.



The court also ruled that Schlissel compensated the victims of his attack with NIS 2.064 million.


“His long prison sentence (for a similar prior offense —ed.) did not bring about a change in his ways. His dark zealotry, which stops him from seeing people as people, continues to guide him even now,” the Jerusalem District Court judge wrote in the verdict.  


Photo: Gil Yohanan
Photo: Gil Yohanan


“We have here, a man who does not see a human being before him. He is a cruel man," the judge continued. "This dangerous man can no longer be allowed to walk the streets of Jerusalem or any other place. He had nothing to do with the young and pretty Shira. The defendant wrought havoc on Shira Banki’s family and on society as a whole.”


Photo: Gil Yohanan
Photo: Gil Yohanan


Two months before the 2015 Pride Parade, Schlissel completed a ten-year prison sentence for carrying out a stabbing attack at the Gay Pride Parade in 2005. After he was released from prison, he expressed his opposition to the approaching parade, both in the media and in ads posted at Haredi synagogues in Jerusalem.


During the afternoon on the day of the parade, Schlissel left his parents’ home in Moshav Yad Binyamin and travelled to Jerusalem. When he arrived, he tried to enter the parade from Lincoln Street but was asked to leave by the police. He made his way to Washington Street nearby. Concealing a knife in his clothes, he entered the parade, managed to slip past the policeman and policewoman posted there and proceeded to stab marchers in their upper body. 


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