Tank in the Golan Heights

IDF attacks two Syrian army targets

Gun shots fired at the security fence on the northern border prompt reaction from IDF against two Syrian army targets: 'We are not involved in the fighting in Syria but will defend ourselves against any unusual incidents.'

In an unusual move, the IDF announced on Monday morning that it attacked two Syrian army targets overnight Sunday in retaliation for unusual shots fired at the security fence on the northern border.



On Sunday morning, security forces identified a rocket which had fallen in open territory on the Israeli side of the fence but had not caused any damage or injuries. The retaliatory strikes were launched by way of artillery rather than the air force. 


IAF aristrike in Syria
IAF aristrike in Syria


“The gunfire did not endanger the residents in the area or our forces. The IDF is not involved in the fighting in Syria but is determined to defend itself and will respond to any unusual incident,” and IDF statement read.


The delay of one day between the attack and the IDF statement is unusual given that it normally responds within one hour of any attack.


Last month, The Syrian website ‘Zaman Al Wasl,’ which identifies with the opposition forces, quoted a military official from the Syrian regime who claimed that the Israel Air Force had carried out massive airstrikes against military targets close to a village 13 kilometers north of Homs.


According to the claims, the attack took place two days ago after midnight during which the IAF took out Hezbollah weapons caches in areas also containing antennas for Syrian radar systems, in addition to an air defense battalion that secures the area. The same official also claimed that the attack only inflicted damage on the caches and not on the other facilities. He said that explosions could be heard and that the fire could be seen from afar. The Syrian report further stated that in March 2015, the same stockpiles were attacked by Israel



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