Hanin Zoabi

Zionist Union MK seeks to boycott Zoabi

MK Eitan Cabel is circulating an initiative to boycott MK Hanin Zoabi whenever she comes to the Knesset lectern to speak following the Arab List MK's speech calling IDF soldiers 'murderers.'

With all of the confrontations surrounding the Israel-Turkey reconciliation agreement, Hanin Zoabi (Joint Arab List) has thrown herself into the fray in condemnation of the agreement as well.



However, after the Knesset Members failed to stop the reconciliation agreement, there is now a new initiative being put forth in the Knesset: a boycott of Hanin Zoabi.


Knesset Member Eitan Cabel (Zionist Union) has begun to collect MK signatures on a letter whereby the MKs will commit to leaving the Knesset chamber whenever Haneen Zoabi begins to speak.


Zionist Union MK Eitan Cabel (Photo: Hagi Dekel and Nitzan Dror)
Zionist Union MK Eitan Cabel (Photo: Hagi Dekel and Nitzan Dror)

Following Zoabi's speech whereby she called IDF soldiers murderers from the Knesset lectern, Cabel wrote "I turn to you all - all of the Knesset Members - who are against (Zoabi's) outrageous and defiant statements to please leave the Knesset Chamber whenever (Zoabi) goes up to speak."


Cabel's letter went on to say "I watched this event (Zoabi's speech) many times, and I must admit, I was ashamed that an MK was lying through their teeth, making false accusations, inciting to violence, and consistently and blatantly attacking the State and its values. The need to respond and to contradict her unacceptable statements is completely necessary, but not via an all out attack. We must refrain from playing into her hands."


Zoabi has a history of making anti-Israel statements and actions. She was on board the Mavi Marmara ship as it attempted to illegally enter Gaza. A few days after the Mavi Marmara incident, Zoabi made an anti-Israel speech which caused Knesset members to almost come to blows.


The Arab List MK was then suspended from participating in the next round of elections, a suspension which was then cancelled, and has gone on to run in and succeed in winning a seat in the last two elections.


She has since made a number of provocative statements, amongst them saying that the kidnapping of three boys in the West Bank and their subsequent murder were not acts of terrorism, and visiting the families of Palestinian terrorists who have Israeli blood their hands to express her condolences that Israeli security forces killed their children.


Hanin Zoabi posing in front of the Mavi Marmara
Hanin Zoabi posing in front of the Mavi Marmara


Her actions have led to a controversial bill which states that an MK can be ejected from the Knesset if 90 MKs vote to have that person removed - a law which has yet to come into practice.


So far, 11 Yesh Atid MKs have signed onto the proposal, as have the majority of the Likud members - including various ministers and deputy ministers, as have several members of the Zionist Union. Members of the Bayit Hayehudi party, Kulanu, and Shas have also signed onto the letter.


Opposition Chairman Isaac Herzog signed it, and called on all of the Zionist Union MKs to sign it as well. MKs are continuing to sign the letter, and MK Cabel believes that he will be able to get close to 90 signatures.


MK Haneen Zoabi herself has refused to comment.


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