Obama marks anniversary of nuke deal; GOP aims to undermine


WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama marked the anniversary of the landmark nuclear deal with Iran on Thursday by vowing that the United States and its partners will uphold their commitments as long as Iran abides by the pact. Congressional Republicans again tried to undermine the international accord, which outlines what Iran must do to pull back its nuclear program from the brink of weapons-making capacity.


Obama hailed the deal, saying it has succeeded in rolling back Iran's nuclear program, "avoiding further conflict and making us safer."


The Republican-controlled House, meanwhile, approved a bill to impose new sanctions on Iran for its continuing development and testing of its ballistic missile program. The 246-179 vote was largely along party lines.


Lawmakers also approved a measure that would restate US policy to deny the Iranian government and banks access to US dollars. The vote on that bill was 246-181.



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