Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris

Brig. Gen. Buchris' wife: 'I strongly support him'

Na’ama Buchris, whose husband is set to stand trial on a series of rape and sexual assault charges, told Ynet that she stands firmly behind her husband; attacks 'cowardly decision' to arraign him, dismisses the whole case as 'plot.'

For the first time since the details of sexual assault allegation against Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris came to public light last March, his wife, Na’ama has stated her wholehearted support for her husband in an interview with Ynet.



After the indictment was issued against Buchris on Thursday, alleging a number of serious sexual assaults against a female officer who claimed that she had been harassed by him when he commanded the Golani brigade, his wife stated that she trusted her husband’s version of events: “The faith in Ofek and his integrity has remained strong throughout the months we have passed,” Na’ama told Yedioth Ahronoth.”


She then attacked the Military Advocate General, Brig. Gen. Sharon Afek who ruled that her husband would stand trial: “I am surprised and shocked at the cowardly decision taken by the Military Advocate General. He received all the legal tools to end this plot,” she said.


Brig. Gen. Buchris (Photo: Elad Gershgoren)
Brig. Gen. Buchris (Photo: Elad Gershgoren)


Turning to the handling of the case by the military police, Na’ama said: “This decision joins the scandalous interrogation procedures and raises questions about things that I, in my naivety, did not believe could happen.”


Buchris stands accused of three counts of rape of a female soldier under his command and also of indecently assaulting her on a number of occasions. The senior officer, who was supposed to be appointed head of the operational command - a nomination which was cancelled due to the investigation - was also charged with indecent assault against Major ‘L’, also under his command.


Overall, 17 sexual harassment charges against two female soldiers over a period of three years from July 2010 to September 2013 were leveled against him.


The incidents are said to have taken place in a holiday cabin, in his room on his military base, in his office and even in his military vehicle. On one occasion, it has been alleged that an assault took place in the home of one of the complainants.


Buchris, who is set to stand trial in one month in a special military court in the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, denied any wrongdoing or misconduct while addressing the press shortly after receiving the indictment: “It never happened. This is a fight for my life which I will win,” he promised before explaining why he had chosen only now to comment on the issue.


“I (am speaking) because I have to explain to the public, to my fellow commanders and subordinates, that I have worked all my life on their behalf. There is no substance to the indictment and all this will become clear during the hearing.”


He went on to denounce the indictment as “a piece of paper which says I have done this or that” and concluded by thanking his supporters. “I am grateful to all my supporters, to my friends and to all those who have encouraged us and are with us all the way.”



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