Destroyed hotel room

Israeli teens attacked by hotel staff in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

A group of Israeli teenagers were attacked as they were checking out of a hotel in the Cypriot resort town of Ayia Napa; Hotel management claims they left thousands of Euros of damage behind, harassed guests.

Approximately 30 Israeli teens left for Ayia Napa last week, and were allegedly attacked by hotel workers when they asked for their 50 Euro security deposit back. However, the Cypriots tell a different story, saying that the Israelis completely destroyed the rooms, threw water bottles at hotel guests, and urinated in the hallways. And that's just the beginning.



According to the teenagers, who recently returned from their vacation, when they left the hotel and requested their passports back (which they had given over for a deposit) the receptionist demanded 50 Euros.


After asking why they needed to pay and arguing for an hour and a half, things began to heat up.


Hotel employee attacking teens with a pool cue
Hotel employee attacking teens with a pool cue

According to one of the teenagers, "someone in the hotel got angry, and to the surprise of both the security and the hotel workers, he began to hit us with a pool cue. We ran outside and saw that a lot of people were wounded."


"We ran outside, scared to death. Anyone who tried to go back in to grab their bags got hit," another one of the Israelis said. "It was a nightmare.


Ohad Tal, 18, from Karmiel, described his experience.


Injury sustained by one of the Israeli teens
Injury sustained by one of the Israeli teens


"You can see in the video that we didn't start the commotion – we didn't start anything! Security and the hotel management came, yelled at us, and started to hit us. We recorded the incident so that we could have evidence. We're lucky there were other videos – no one would have believed us.


The hotel responded, saying "the young Israelis smoked and caused a small fire in the rooms. They urinated in the hallways and on the guests' vehicles. When the staff reprimanded them, the Israelis cursed at the staff members. They broke the management's doors, pushed women, and threatened to attack them if they didn't get their deposit back."


Alleged damage to a room
Alleged damage to a room


The hotel spokesman continued, saying "(the Israelis) threw up all over the balconies causing other guests to leave and request refunds. They destroyed the wallpaper in the hallways and threw bottles from the balconies. They went swimming in the pool while drunk at 4:00am, despite management telling them that it was forbidden to do so. When one of the cleaning ladies came to clean their room, they asked her 'how much would it cost to have sex with us?' She left the job soon after."


Alleged damage to the room
Alleged damage to the room


"They didn’t respect the hotel," the management coned. "They destroyed furniture in the lobby and in the reception. They filled up water bottles and threw the bottles at other hotel guests. When they left, we discovered that they had caused even more damage to the rooms, so we decided to cancel their deposits, and to use that money to fix some of the damages. We told them a million times that its forbidden to smoke in the rooms, but they laughed and smoked the whole time and put their cigarettes out on the furniture in the lobby, thereby destroying it."


"I'm looking at the pictures now. They could have taken a picture of any room and said that the Israelis were staying there," Ohad said. "I know for a fact that it wasn't us because we put all of the garbage in garbage bags, we cleaned the rooms, and we made the room to look exactly how it was when we came."




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