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Defense Ministry clarifies comparisons between Iran deal and Munich

Following diplomatic faux pas comparing Iranian nuclear deal with British appeasement policies with Hitler, Defense Ministry seeks to clarify: 'We never intended to draw such comparisons. We apologize if it was misinterpreted.'

The Ministry of Defense published on Monday a statement attempting to clarify a previous statement made last Friday which compared the Iran nuclear deal to British Prime Joseph Chamberlain’s appeasement policy and the signing of the 1938 Munich Agreement with Hitler. 



“The statement on Friday was not intended draw direct comparisons, neither on an historical level nor on a personal level. We apologize if it was misinterpreted,” the statement read.


President Barack Obama (Photo: AP)
President Barack Obama (Photo: AP)


“In light of the gross misinterpretation that was disseminated in the media of the statement last Friday,which referenced the Munich Agreement, we wish to clarify,” the statement continued.


“The State of Israel and the Israeli security apparatus will continue to work in close cooperation with the United States in accordance with our deep appreciation and mutual respect. Israel remains deeply concerned that even after the agreement with Iran, the Iranian leadership continues to declare the destruction of Israel its central goal and continues to threaten the existence of Israel both by its words and by its actions.”


The statement catalogued a number of concerning behaviour patterns in Iran including the accelerated development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in contravention of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.


It also pointed to an official parade during which ballistic missiles were displayed bearing the words, ‘wipe Israel out’ and reminded of the Iranian competition of caricatures denying the Holocaust last January.  


Moreover, the statement decried the Iranian regime’s unabated assistance to proxy terror organizations such as Hamas and hezbollah dedicated to attacking Jewish and Israeli targets throughout the world.


“Therefore even if Iran abides by the nuclear deal,” the statement added, “its openly-declared official policies seek to destroy and delegitimize Israel in the international community. Despite all of this, since the signing of the nuclear deal, a number of political and economic leaders across the world have advanced deals in Tehran, many of which involve billions of dollars, which Iran then invests in strengthening its military and advancing its illicit ballistic missiles program.”


After listing its concerns, the defense ministry returned to the issue of US-Israeli relations. “The differences of opinion between Israel and the US on this matter do not detract, in any way, from our deep appreciation for the US and for its president for their enormous contributions to Israel’s national security. We attach enormous importance to the strong alliance between the two countries.”


The tensions began after President Obama announced last Friday that the Iran nuclear agreement is working exactly as planned, and stated that Israel itself acknowledges the fact that Iran is holding to its part of the agreement.


PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama (Photo: Reuters)


The president’s comments prompted a swift and unusual response from the Israeli Defense Ministry the same night which sought to highlight the differences between what is stipulated in the agreement and the reality of Iran’s actions.


"The Israeli security services believe that the agreements only have value if they are based on existing reality, and that they hold no value if the reality on the ground is completely different than the reality envisioned in the agreements."


The response continued, saying "the Munich agreement didn't stop World War Two or the Holocaust. (The agreement's -ed) basic premise - that Nazi Germany could be a partner in some form of agreement – was wrong, and world leaders at the time ignored Hitler's and other Nazi leaders' blunt remarks (regarding the Jews -ed)."


"This is the same regarding the agreement with Iran, which itself explicitly and publicly announces that its goal is to destroy the state of Israel. A US State Department document published this year states that Iran is the chief state sponsor of terror worldwide," the response said. "Therefore, the Israeli security establishment, the nation of Israel, and many other nations around the world, understand that agreements like those signed between the world super powers and Iran aren't helpful. They only damage the uncompromising struggle against nations which support terror."


Fuel was added to the flames when a minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud) reiterated the defense ministry’s statements on Saturday stating that the US government’s hailing of the deal’s success thus far was totally unfounded.


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