'Tell your commanders now that you will not be an accomplice'

Leaflets distributed calling on IDF to disobey Amona orders

As the evacuation of Amona approaches, youngsters distribute leaflets calling on soldiers and policemen to refrain from carrying out orders; two arrested for incitement to disobey orders.

Leaflets calling on IDF soldiers and policemen to disobey commands to implement the evacuation of the Amona outpost this month are being distributed throughout the West Bank among soldiers by residents and supporters of the outpost.



According to the Judea and Samaria Police Division, a number of youngsters were observed on Sunday afternoon distributing such flyers at the Tapuah Junction urging the soldiers to refuse to carry out evacuation orders. Two minors aged 14 and 17 were arrested on suspicion of incitement to disobey an order. 


The flyers shows an illustration of an IDF commander ordering a soldier to evacuate Amona, with the soldier refusing to do so. Above the caricature reads:


Tell your friends and commanders now that you will not be an accomplice
Tell your friends and commanders now that you will not be an accomplice


“Soldier/policeman, the State of Israel has decided to destroy a community in Israel. Security forces, of which you are a part, have been chosen to carry out the demolition. This decision harms the values of the people of Israel.


“This decision harms you. It is in your hands to choose not to be a collaborator in destruction, it is in your hands not to harm the people of Israel and the Torah of Israel. Tell your friends and commanders now that you will not be an accomplice to this order,” it implores its readers.


Youth building makeshift structures perparing to resist evacuation (Photo: Reuters)
Youth building makeshift structures perparing to resist evacuation (Photo: Reuters)


A defense lawyer representing the two minors arrested from the organization Honenu which provides legal assistance to right-wing activists, issued a statement on the arrests: “A 14-year-old minor sitting here was threatened with a beating by policemen. He was denied the presence of his parent in the investigation as if he were a terrorist,” the statement read.


“The police have crossed the line. The Police Central Unit arrested a 14 year old for distributing flyers among soldiers? Fidel Castro is dead and we are not in Russia,” the lawyer quipped. “It is permitted for civilians to express their opinions even if it is contrary to the outlook of the police and the High Court of Justice. The shutting of mouths must be immediately stopped.”


Amona is set to be evacuated on December 25 but may be brought forward. While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bayit Yehudi Leader Naftali Bennett have yet to reach an agreement on how to resolve the problem, dozens of youngsters showed up at the outpost and are expected to resist the evacuation.


Wooden buildings constructed in Amona (Photo: AFP) (Photo: AFP)
Wooden buildings constructed in Amona (Photo: AFP)


During a party forum leaders conference, it was decided that the vote for the Regulation Bill—seeking to legalize outposts built on private Palestinian land—which is supposed to be brought for its first reading in the Knesset on Monday, would be delayed again until Wednesday.


During the meeting, Netanyahu announced that the state would ask the High Court to delay the evacuation for another 30 days to allow time for the construction of temporary structures for the Amona residents removed from the outpost.


The youngsters who arrived at the outpost in a show of solidarity have begun building makeshift buildings to house more protesters wishing to show up to oppose the move. “We are here until the end,” said one of the youths. “I came with a bag for a few days and I intend to spend the nights here with my friends. We will continue to construct these buildings in Amona so that there will be a place for all those who want to come but hopefully we won’t have to use them and Amona will stay where it is."


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