Israeli Ambassador to UN responds to Kerry speech: Obama administration acted against Israel

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon responded to US Secretary of State John Kerry's speech on Wednesday, where he detailed his plan of working toward a two-state solution. Specifically, Danon rejected Kerry's claims that the administration of outgoing US President Barack Obama had Israel's back" vis-à-vis Israel's standing in the world and the UN.


"Coordinating anti-Israeli moves with the Palestinians and making a unilateral decision in the Security Council is not supporting Israel,
it's the exact opposite,"said Danon. "The Obama administration has acted against the State of Israel at the UN, and any statement saying otherwise is a distortion of reality." He added that "Speeches, statements or unilateral decisions will not promote peace in our area, only the objection to terrorism, the ending of incitement and the return to direct negotiations. The Palestinians must realize this."


Danon then responded to President-elect Donald Trump's tweet from earlier Wednesday, which expressed his unequivocal support of Israel and encouraged Israel to "stand strong." Showing appreciation for the tweet, Danon said, "We welcome the clear-cut support of President-elect Trump, who declared he will stand by Israel and not join in the continued attempt to harm Israel at the UN."