Photo: Anat Mosberg
On Refaeli
Photo: Anat Mosberg

NCO to be charged with accepting bribes from soldiers

Chief Warrant Officer Sayid Nasraldin from the Tel Hashomer base allegedly received gifts of clothing, job arrangements for relatives and soccer tickets from his soldiers, including Bar Refaeli's brother, for unofficial furloughs and choice assignments.

A military police investigation has ended with a draft indictment against Tel Hashomer Base sergeant, Chief Warrant Officer Sayid Nasraldin, for alleged corruption charges that include On Rafaeli, the soldier brother of supermodel Bar Refaeli.



Nasraldin is suspected in the draft indictment of permitting soldiers furloughs without permission and assurances of choice assignments in the IDF in exchange for clothing and soccer tickets. The IDF considers his behavior a pattern of misconduct. The soldiers who allegedly bribed Nasraldin are not being charged. However, sources in the IDF have told Ynet that Refaeli is still being investigated by the military police in another matter that has not yet been made public.


L-R: On Refaeli, Tel Hashomer base, Sayid Nasraldin (Photos: Anat Mosberg, Hagai Dekel, Itay Blumental)
L-R: On Refaeli, Tel Hashomer base, Sayid Nasraldin (Photos: Anat Mosberg, Hagai Dekel, Itay Blumental)


The military police's investigation began a year ago as a covert operation. It uncovered that Refaeli offered Nasraldin, his commander, Hoodies-brand clothing, which is partially owned by the Refaeli family, in February. The draft indictment states that the young soldier asked his commander his size and what colors he preferred before providing bags of the desired merchandise that another soldier was to bring to Nasraldin. The investigation was unable to prove that the commander actually received the clothes.


The master sergeant also allegedly reported Refaeli as present to Adjutant Corps that same month when he actually permitted the soldier not to come to the base. Refaeli's lawyer insisted that his client committed no illegal acts.


Nasraldin, who was on the verge of promotion before this affair first broke half a year ago, allegedly acted similarly with other soldiers, not just with the brother of Israel's most famous model. He is charged with over 100 individual cases of similarly permitting dozens soldiers to remain off-base but reporting them as present.


In addition, Nasraldin is to be charged with a crime related to military documents.


On and Bar Refaeli
On and Bar Refaeli


Those under the chief warrant officer's command are defined as in "general" and clerical positions who leave base for home every day, sometimes at 2 or 3pm.


Nasraldin is accused in the draft indictment receiving soccer tickets from the son of a famous soccer coach after having permitted that soldier to be absent while falsely reporting him to be on-base. The coach allegedly met with the chief warrant officer on several occasions.


He allegedly arranged choice positions for soldiers in other units by using his connections there. This was done at the request of at least one soldier's parents.


Those close to Nasraldin say that such transactions are commonplace in many IDF units and have been for years. They allege that the investigation was instigated by other career soldiers striking against Nasraldin's expected promotion. The sources continued that Nasraldin has a warm and good relationship with his soldiers and that he had no criminal intent and that he granted bonuses such as unofficial furloughs.


The IDF Spokesperson's Unit stated that Nasraldin is expected to admit to the charges in a plea bargain and end his military service. They added that they would not take steps against his soldiers.


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