Palestinian Envoy warns Trump govt: Don't move embassy

The chief Palestinian representative to France said moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv would violate international law and adds that he does not think Donald Trump's new administration will make such a decision.


Salman Elherfi told The Associated Press that a Mideast peace conference Sunday in Paris sent a "very clear" message calling on everyone not to make any changes that would affect a final solution for the region, especially regarding the status of Jerusalem.


He said,"I do not believe that the United States will violate international law because transferring the embassy of the United States into an occupied territory would mean admitting the annexation of this territory by Israel."


He also warned the incoming Trump administration not to "underestimate" the message of peace sent by the conference or the UN resolution last month condemning Israel's construction of settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.


Elherfi insisted "the option of two states is not the dream of a single country, but it has become the concern of the whole world to protect it."


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