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Cabinet meeting
Photo: EPA
Two new ministers added to the government
MK Eli Cohen (Kulanu) and MK Ayoob Kara (Likud) are expected to be approved by the government bringing the total number of ministers to 22; Cohen will be appointed Minister of the Economy and Kara will be appointed minister without portfolio.
The government is expected to approve the appointment of two new ministers Sunday. MK Eli Cohen (Kulanu) will be named Minister of the Economym while Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation, MK Ayoob Kara, will be named a minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister's Office.



The two new appointments will bring the total number of ministers in the government to 22.


Ayoob Kara
Ayoob Kara


Cohen, 45, is seen as one of Kulanu's rising stars. He is the Chairman of the Knesset Reform Committee and held senior positions in the business sector. He holds the rank of Major in the reserves and is an accountant by profession.


Eli Cohen (left) (Photo: Kfir Sion) (Photo: Kfir Sion)
Eli Cohen (left) (Photo: Kfir Sion)


Ayoob Kara, 62, is currently the Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation and was promised a ministerial post by Netanyahu, but was stalled repeatedly. Kara also holds the rank of Major in the reserves and is a disabled veteran of the IDF who lives in Daliyat al-Karmel.


Kara recently caused an uproar when he suggested that a serious earthquake in Italy was "god's punishment" for UNESCO denying the Jewish people's connection to Jerusalem. The comments greatly angered Italians and forced Israel to issue an apology.


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