Israeli-Arab protestors

Protests in Arab sector over Umm al-Hiran 'martyr'

Several thousand Israeli-Arab protestors have converged on Wadi Ara to protest demolitions of illegal structures, death of 'martyr' Yacub Abu-Alalian; Abu-Alian drove a car into a group of police, killing one.

Thousands of people are protesting in the Israeli-Arab town of Arara against the demolitions of illegal structures in Umm al-Hiran and Qalansuwa.



They are also protesting against the shooting and killing of Yaqoub Abu al-Qiyan, who was killed while carrying out a car ramming attack IDF Border Police in Um al-Hiran.


The protestors, all Israeli citizens, waved Palestinian flags and called for an end to an end to the demolitions. They also called for the media to stop calling the car ramming an “attack.”


Israeli-Arabs protesting on Highway 65 (Photo: Gil Nahoshten)
Israeli-Arabs protesting on Highway 65 (Photo: Gil Nahoshten)


Israeli police officer Erez Levi was killed during the ramming.


Israeli-Arabs from all across Israel have joined in the protest, including MKs from the Joint Arab List. The protest is taking place under heavy security with at least 500 police officers in the area.


Protestors blocked Highway 65, leading police to respond with stun grenades in order to re-open the road.


Israel Police guarding the protest
Israel Police guarding the protest


Umm al-Fahm Tawfil Mahmid said that “this is the best time to send the Israeli government the message that they have to stop these demolitions. The next steps will be a huge backlash, and the Israeli government will be responsible for whatever happens next.”


Regarding the ramming attack, Mahmid said that “the Internal Security Ministry and the Israel Police have turned Yaqoub Abu al-Qiyan into a terrorist, but the truth is that they murdered him in cold blood. Abu al-Qiyan died as a martyr and didn’t ram into the police officer on purpose. The Police are responsible for everything that happened. We want the body of the officer to be exhumed so an autopsy of the officer can be conducted in order to determine the exact cause of his death.”


Israeli-Arabs protesting demolitions of illegal structures (Photo: Gil Nahoshten)
Israeli-Arabs protesting demolitions of illegal structures (Photo: Gil Nahoshten)


Baqa al-Gharbiye Deputy Mayor Iyad Muasi said “I call on the prime minister and his government to let us live in peace and quiet. Our requests are simply and modest – give us hope for the next generations. We all want to live in peace, love, and with good relations with everyone. However, the government is trying to destroy everything.”


Meanwhile, MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint Arab List) said “I demand that (Internal Security Minister) Erdan and the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of the Israel Police apologize to the Abu al-Qiyan family and the (Israeli-Arab) public.”






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