Ransom money successfully gathered to release Israeli who fought ISIS
The ZAKA emergency response organization states Wednesday it has successfully raised the necessary sum needed for the release of an Israeli currently under arrest in a Muslim country with a possible death penalty hanging over his head.

The ZAKA emergency response organization stated Wednesday that it has succeeded in gathering $120,000 in less than 24 hours to go toward the release of Ben Hassin, who is currently under arrest in a Muslim country with the threat of death or life imprisonment hanging over his head.



The incident, which was revealed in a Facebook post two months ago by Knesset Member Ayoob Kara (Likud) before being censored by Israeli Military Censor (IMC), was released to the press on Tuesday. In its center is Ben Hassin, 22, who fought abroad against ISIS and was arrested for murder in June 2015 in a Muslim country which Israel has no diplomatic relations with.




The incident occurred while Hassin, who was setting out to take a break from fighting ISIS, took a local cab. The driver found out that he is Israeli and tried to kill him. Hassin, who was armed at the time, shot and killed him in self defense. He was subsequently arrested and indicted for murder, and there is a real concern that, if convicted, he will be sentenced to death.


The campaign to gather the funds for his release started in the late hours of Tuesday. ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi zahav, came out in an emotional petition to raise the funds. Hundreds of people responded, and the requested money was raised.


"We got an emotional plea from the father and Foreign Affairs Ministry to get invovled and aid in raising the amount needed for his release. We realized right away that time was not on our side, since the  trial was due to take place this coming Sunday. If the the ransom would not have been paid according to an agreement reached in negotiations with the authorities, the would be a big chance that he would get the death penalty. Working with warm-hearted people from Israel and around the world, we managed to meet our goal and raise the necessary sum. The money will be transferred to the foreign country in the next few days, and hopefully he will be released," said Meshi Zahav.


First published: 01.25.17, 20:51
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