Photo: Yaron Brener
Biscuit Cake
Photo: Yaron Brener
Delicious: Biscuit Cake
Delicious is a new series of short videos that will bring some action into your kitchen. In episode 6, we offer you a quick and easy recipe for a cake that would give you back a taste of childhood.

Biscuit Cake by Tiki Golan. 




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Ingredients (for a rectangle baking pan):

1 packet of biscuits

1 packet of vanilla instant pudding

1 cup of whipped cream

1 cup of milk


For blend to dip biscuits in:

5 tablespoons of sour cream

5 tablespoons of milk

1 tablespoon of whiskey


For the cake's coating:

2 packets of dark chocolate

5-7 tablespoons of whipped cream

A handful of grated white chocolate


Photo: Yaron Brener
Photo: Yaron Brener



Prepare the pudding: Using a mixer, mix 1 cup of whipped cream with 1 cup of milk and a packet of instant pudding.


Prepare the blend: Pour 5 tablespoons of sour cream, 5 tablespoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of whiskey into a deep plate.


Dip each biscuit in the blend for 2 seconds on each side.


Arrange the biscuits in the pan, spread 1/3 of the pudding on top, and repeat three times until the cake has three layers.


Put in the refrigerator to cool for 15 minutes.


Melt the dark chocolate, mix with the whipped cream and let it cool. The blend created needs to be thick and not liquid.


Take the cake out of the fridge and pour the chocolate blend on top.


Put back in the fridge for 15 minutes.


Take out of the fridge and sprinkle the white chocolate on top.


Keep in the fridge until serving.


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