Hamas rocket engineer killed during manufacturing
A 'rocket engineer' for Hamas military wing is killed by explosion while manufacturing a rocket in the Gaza Strip.

Mohammad Walid Al-Koka, a rocket engineer for Hamas' military wing, died Sunday morning of wounds he sustained during a training accident in the Gaza Strip. According to estimations, he was killed in the midst of manufacturing a missile. Another operative sustained medium injuries in the incident.



The Hamas military wing announced that 44-year-old Koka and the other operative were injured in a structure in the coastal Sudania region, which is in northern Gaza.


Mohammad Walid Al-Koka
Mohammad Walid Al-Koka

Israeli and Palestinian security sources have told Ynet that contrary to reports, Al-Koka was not the head of Hamas' military wing missile array. A Palestinian source claimed that Al-Koka was a rocket engineer in the Organization's military wing and that they presumed he was killed by an explosion during the manufacturing of a missile.


Hamas demonstration in Gaza (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
Hamas demonstration in Gaza (Photo: Reuters)


Ever since Operation Protective Edge ended, Hamas has been conducting frequent experiments intended to improve their rocket array. It is likely that some of the experiments end in failure, wirh rockets exploding on the ground,shortly after being launched. In the majority of cases, these malfunctions do not incur injuries.


First published: 02.06.17, 08:45
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