Photo: Shin Bet
Enas Haj-Yahia
Photo: Shin Bet

Shin Bet foils ISIS-affiliated terror attack

Indictment issued against 35-year-old Tayibe resident for contact with ISIS and swearing allegiance to organization’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; suspect planned an attack against IDF soldiers on a bus in Tel Aviv, distributed instructions on how to prepare explosive devices and toxins which can be incorporated in the devices, including Sarin gas.

An Arab Israeli citizen from the central Israeli city of Tayibe was arrested at the end of last month for involvement in terror activities, including plans to carry out attacks in Israel, and having contact with the ISIS terror group, it was cleared for publication on Monday afternoon.



According to a statement released by the Shin Bet, the arrest of Enas Haj-Yahia, 35, came following a joint operation by the Shin Bet, Israel Police and the civilian counter-terrorism unit on January 29.


Enas Haj-Yahia (Photo: Shin Bet)
Enas Haj-Yahia (Photo: Shin Bet)


Haj-Yahia was arrested after security forces received intelligence information indicating that he was planning to perpetrate acts of terror in Israel.


“During the Shin Bet investigation, it became apparent that Haj-Yahia was in contact ISIS activists, and that he distributed instructions on how to prepare explosive devices,” the statement said, as well as toxins which can be incorporated in the devices, including Sarin gas.


The Shin Bet also stated that he was asked to plan a bus attack in Tel Aviv to kill and maim IDF soldiers.


Moreover, the investigation revealed that Haj-Yahia intended to create an ISIS terror cell to carry out attacks in Israel, and went about recruiting people into its ranks.


According to security officials, he swore allegiance to the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and considered joining the battles in Syria.


The indicted individual was a member of online terror group which was also visited by other members of ISIS.


Among other groups, Haj-Yahia frequented “Terrorists of the State”, “Allah will torture them in your hand,” and “The Caliphate Foundation.”


During his arrest, security forces found him in possession of dangerous substances and information for assembling explosives.


Furthermore, pictures were found in his home, among other things, of military equipment and bombs, as well as “A detailed guide to the Jihad warrior,” a manual affiliated with terrorists who identify with ISIS.


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