Miri Regev with the new 50 years logo

Miri Regev presents the official logo marking 50 years since the liberation of Jerusalem

Minister Miri Regev presents the symbol that will adorn the official stationery of the various government ministries in the upcoming year; 'The liberation of Jerusalem must be above political disputes.'

Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) presented the new official logo to mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem on Sunday at a cabinet meeting. "If we are unable to say to ourselves that we liberated Jerusalem from generations of foreign occupation, how can we complain about the world," said Regev, insisting on the use of the word "liberation."



The new logo will now adorn the official letterhead of the various ministries and accompany the Jubilee events throughout the year. "This logo tells the true story of Jerusalem," Regev said.


Miri Regev with the new logo—'a united, unifying Jerusalem'
Miri Regev with the new logo—'a united, unifying Jerusalem'


"The basis of the number 5 is the harp that reminds us of David, King of Israel, who determined Jerusalem as our eternal capital over 3,000 years ago. The top is a lion's head—Jerusalem's symbol to this day. The number 5 symbolically represents the timeline of the history of Jerusalem—from King David to the IDF's 55th Paratroopers Brigade that entered through the Lion's gate and liberated Jerusalem during the Six Day War."


Inside the 'zero,' the Israeli flag appears above the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.


The logo's chosen color is gold, which according to Regev, represents the "near-prophetic Naomi Shemer lyrics depicting a 'Jerusalem of Gold.'"


Regev also commented on the slogan—"50 years since the liberation of Jerusalem. A united and unifying Jerusalem"—chosen to accompany the logo. "The liberation of Jerusalem must be above political disputes," said Regev.


"I saw the comments surrounding my insistence on this logo and the word 'liberation' and I was very sorry. I feel sorry for any Israeli, right-winger or left-winger, who undermines this definition of a liberated Jerusalem," she added. 


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