Israeli defense minister comments on possible peace talks

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented Monday morning on the possible Middle East peace conference, posting a message regarding it on his Facebook account.


"At the beginning of a new attempt for political negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, it is worthwhile to learn from the past, and the first lesson is that every attempt to solve the conflict that is based on trading land for peace is doomed to fail," he wrote, adding that "the only way to reach a sustainable agreement is to trade lands and population as part of a general agreement.


It cannot be that a 100% homogeneous Palestinian state will be established without one Jewish citizen while Israel stays a dual-citizen nation with 22% Palestinians. There is no reason for Sheikh Raed Salah, Ayman Odeh, Basel Ghattas or Haneen Zoabi to continue being Israeli citizens."


פרסום ראשון: 03.13.17, 10:30