Moshe Katsav
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Police nix Katsav’s request for scrapping curfew clause
The former president, who was convicted of rape and released from prison 2 years prior to completing his 5-year sentence, has appealed to the parole board to remove the clause, citing full compliance with parole terms.
A request submitted by former president of Israel Moshe Katsav two weeks ago to the parole board asking that a curfew clause be struck from the list of conditions of his early release, has been denied by the police.



Katsav, a convicted rapist who was released from prison in December last year after the State Attorney's Office decided against appealing the parole board's decision to grant him early release, hoped that his request would be looked upon favorably given the fact that he had not violated any of the terms of his release thus far.


Moshe Katsav after his release (Photo: AFP) (Photo: AFP)
Moshe Katsav after his release (Photo: AFP)


The police, however, rejected the request, stating that Katsav is no different from any other prisoner. The discussions in the parole board are set to take place on March 26.


The request was made in accordance with the opinion of the Authority for Rehabilitated Prisoners (ARP), which was submitted to the board as part of the monitoring process following his conditional release from his prison cell.


According to the ARP, Katsav has fully abided by the terms laid out.


As a result of the ARP’s conclusions, Katsav’s lawyer Shani Illouz submitted the request to strike the curfew clause from the list, which requires that he remain in his home from 10pm until 6am.


Katsav’s application for softening the release conditions is a regular occurrence among former prisoners who comply with their parole terms.


Katsav, who served five years and 15 days out of his seven-year sentence for rape and indecent acts, left the Maasiyahu Prison with his wife, Gila, and brother Lior. With two years left of his sentence, hew is still considered to be a parolee.


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