Israeli woman perishes in post-army trip in Mumbai
The 23 year old was visiting India with her boyfriend when she took ill and began vomiting in their hotel room. She ended up choking to death, ostensibly on her own vomit.

Sarit Fefta, a 23 year old from Petah Tikva, died on her post-army trip to India, where she apparently choked on her own vomit on Monday.



Fefta left for India two months ago with her boyfriend. She took ill in their hotel and began vomiting profusely. Her boyfriend contacted the front desk and asked them to call an ambulance, but Fefta had died by the time professional aid arrived.


Sarit Fefta
Sarit Fefta


On Wednesday, her body was autopsied, and it came to light that she had choked to death.


A relative of Fefta claimed that the ambulance took 40 minutes to arrive in the poverty-stricken city of 22 million people. She also said that Fefta and her boyfriend had eaten a pasta dish earlier in the day, though there is as of yet no evidence if there is a causal link between the food and the young woman's death.


The Israeli Consulate in Mumbai is arranging to have her body returned to Israel.


(Translated and edited by Joseph Herzog)


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