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Netanyahu hints at plan to combine IBA and IPBC
In a Facebook post detailing a meeting with IBA employees, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hints at a plan to absorb parts of the IBA into the new IPBC in order to avoid the dismissal of hundreds of employees.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hinted that he will have the last word when it comes to the struggle with the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC) after a meeting with workers from the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA).



In a Facebook post published Friday night, Netanyahu said he is ready to advance a plan in which portions of the IBA will be absorbed into the IPBC in order to avoid to the complete closure of the IBA and the dismissal of its employees.




"Today I met with employees from the IBA in a heartbreaking meeting. Dedicated and experienced people are being thrown into the street because of a wasteful and unregulated broadcasting corporation," wrote Netanyahu.


"IBA workers made me a proposal: Integrate parts of the IBA into the IPBC. This plan will prevent the dismissal of hundreds of employees."


Netanyahu also wrote that IBA employees are willing to continue to become more efficient, accepting wage reductions and early retirement. "I told them to present and organized plan and when I return from a state visit to China, we will make progress."


The IPBC, which is set to replace the IBA, is due to begin operations on April 30th.


Until recently however, Netanyahu has been working to prevent this and even asked Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon to postpone the decision by six months.


However, it has since been decided that the IPBC will begin operations as planned and a law centralizing control over corporation will be advanced.


(Translated and edited by Fred Goldberg)


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