Photo: Dana Kopel
Micah Avni holding a picture of his late father
Photo: Dana Kopel

Bereaved son slams terrorist’s father UN speech

Micah Avni, who lost his father Richard Lakin in the East Talpiot terror attack in 2015, condemns the UN Human Rights Council for giving a stage to the terrorist’s father, where Muhammad Aliyan decried the sufferance of his own family.

Micah Avni, whose father Richard Lakin was murdered in the East Talpiot terrorist attack in October 2015, couldn't believe his ears when he heard terrorist Baha Aliyan’s father speak at the UN Human Rights assembly.



According to Avni, Muhammad Aliyan is an Israeli citizen and he couldn’t understand why Israel wasn’t doing anything to stop the damage he was causing. "The terrorist’s father is inciting to terrorism and hatred amongst the children of east Jerusalem, yet he's wandering around freely?" said Avni in an interview to Ynet.


On October 13, 2015, two terrorists, Baha Aliyan and Bilal Abu Ghanem, boarded bus number 78 in Jerusalem. They opened fire in all directions and stabbed some of the passengers. Two of them, 78-year-old Haviv Haim and 51-year-old Along Govberg, were killed instantly. Avni's father, the 76-year-old Richard Lakin, died of his wounds two weeks later at the hospital. Aliyan was liquidated and Abu Ghanem was wounded.


Micah Avni and his father, the late Richard Lakin
Micah Avni and his father, the late Richard Lakin


Since then, the terrorist's father has been conducting a campaign to commemorate his murderous son by actively pushing to name schools after him and introducing his legacy into the curricula.


This week, Aliyan Sr. attended a Human Rights Council meeting at the UN, where he decried the sufferance of his family at the hand of Israel.


"After the attack I spoke at the UN and asked the organization and the UN secretary-general to condemn it, but they did not. They’re consistent like that,” Avni said. "This week, the UN hit rock bottom by inviting the father of the terrorist who murdered my father to give a speech as the representative of a delegation of families of terrorists and say how much they are suffering. It’s just unbelievable. One would expect the State of Israel to raise its voice in objection, the UN is a platform for anti-Semitism."


Muhammad Aliyan
Muhammad Aliyan


Much as Avni doesn’t mince his words when it comes to the UN, he criticizes the State of Israel as well. "Muhammad Aliyan is a serial instigator of violence. He is an Israeli citizen with a blue ID card, who has been instigating on a daily basis ever since the terrorist attack,” he said. "He made schools bear his son’s name, established cub scouts, reading programs, met with just about everyone on the planet, and has been consistently inciting to violence. And so I ask, how is it possible that this man is wandering around freely? The same is true of Omar Barghouti, who runs BDS—both citizens with a blue ID card, who harm us every day, and no one is stopping them or the damage they are causing."


Lakin was a human rights activist. "My father would say that everyone should be treated with respect and love, respect everyone and treat everyone equally," said his son. "Terrorism is not human rights, it's exactly the opposite, and the organization that operates under the name of the UN Human Rights Council is no less than a platform for terrorism. This is simply a platform for anti-Semitism and the fact that they invite terrorists, respect them and give them a stage, proves that.”  


(Translated and edited by N. Elias)


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