Germany: radicalized teen charged over attempted mall attack

German prosecutors have charged a radicalized man with attempted murder for throwing two Molotov cocktails into the entrance of a shopping mall in an effort to kill "infidels."


Prosecutors in Celle identified the 18-year-old German citizen Thursday only as Saleh S., in line with privacy rules. He is the elder brother of a 16-year-old girl, Safia S., who was convicted in January of stabbing and wounding a police officer at the behest of the Islamic State group.


Prosecutors say the suspect sympathized with groups such as ISIS. He allegedly threw the home-made firebombs—filled with diesel fuel that didn't ignite—into the entrance of the mall in Hannover on Feb. 5 last year.


They sideswiped two people, but no one was hurt and no damage caused.


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