Moshe Cohen
Policeman who assaulted Arab truck driver resigns
Following an indictment related to the assault, Moshe Cohen resigns from the Israel Police and apologizes for his conduct during a hearing at Police Headquarters.
Police officer Moshe Cohen, who was filmed physically assaulting an east Jerusalem truck driver, apologized and resigned Monday at a hearing held at the National Headquarters of the Israel Police.



Cohen's attorney said, "The officer takes full responsibility and announced his resignation from the police at the beginning of the hearing. He expressed real and deep regret and this is his opportunity to apologize to the citizen and tens of thousands of officers."


Footage showing Cohen and Shawiqi arguing
Footage showing Cohen and Shawiqi arguing


An indictment filed against Cohen accuses him of a series of violent offenses.


According to the indictment, Cohen found his private car damaged after leaving police headquarters. After checking cameras, Cohen got the license plate number of Mazen Shawiqi and confronted him. Shawiqi contended that he was aware of the cameras and was not attempting to avoid paying for damages.


Image of the attack
Image of the attack


An argument between the two men ensued and Cohen physically attacked Shawiqi.


“The defendant illegally attacked the plaintiff causing injury and committed a breach of trust by using his status as a police officer to access the police database outside of his purview,” read the indictment.


(Translated and edited by Fred Goldberg)


First published: 04.03.17, 18:24
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