Sea parachuting
Photo: IDF Spokesperson
IDF Naval fighters train with Navy SEALs
Watch: Last week, Israeli and US commandos carried out joint drill involving ship raids and parachuting at sea. The exercise aimed to build cooperation between the special forces.
Last week, the Israeli Navy's Commando, Shayetet 13, conducted a joint drill with the US Navy SEALs. Also participating in the exercise was a Saar 5 missile ship (Eilat).



Joint drill of Navy Seals with IDF Shayetet 13


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During the drill, the forces practiced a raid and carried out parachuting over the sea.


(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)


The objective of the exercise was to build operational capabilities for the operation of special forces of the IDF and parallel armies, transfer of knowledge between the fleets, reinforcement of the common language and field collaboration.


(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)


(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)


Head of Operations of the Israeli Navy, Rear Admiral Ido Ben Moshe said after the drill that "the cooperation between the two fleets is reflected in annual drills, reciprocal visits and operational mutuality. During the joint exercises, professional relations are created that contribute to both sides on the strategic level."


(Translated and edited by N. Elias)


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